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We offer exclusive casino games just like people play in the land-based casino at online mode, with more bonuses one can get from playing in real life.

The game of poker always requires the utmost focus. Users can become the host and stream live games to learn before playing, registering only once.

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From Blackjack to Poker, we have it all. Anyone can play without cashing any deposits, only withdrawal. Get to know the thrill of a professional casino player. Win money from the games you love all within the palm of your hands.

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There are single-deck, double-deck, and multi-deck options to choose from.


There are French, European, American variations available with stunning graphics to match.

Casino Hold 'Em

Starting from the player next to the dealer, each player takes turns to either call or fold.



Our poker games include Texas Hold 'Em, Five Card Stud Poker, and 7 Card Stud Poker.


You play Slots by pressing the spin button. If three similar symbols appear, you win!


Live Speed Baccarat races through the action and gives you more options to bet in less time.

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We offer an online platform for players to stream and play their favourite casino games. Our platform is easy to use and provides players with a safe and secure way to play their favourite casino games.

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Players can choose to play for free or for real money. We have been in business for over 30 years and have brought to you some of the most popular casino games on the market today!

Is it Fun to Play Blackjack?

I love to play Blackjack. I like it in its purest form, but I also love Switch Blackjack, Perfect Pair Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, and Blackjack Surrender. Basically, if there is a Blackjack game out there, I have played it and enjoyed it.

But why do you like it?

Well, first of all, you can have a lot of action. It’s the first game I look for when I want to have a lot of action on one table. I usually top up at [Temporarily Removed], as they have a great selection of Blackjack games to offer, and from there, I go to the multi-hand tables and bet four boxes at a time.

The card movement is very fast, so my desire for action is quickly satisfied. I guess that’s one of the reasons it’s so much fun: if you lose a hand, your chance to win is seconds away. Seriously, when you play roulette, you have to wait for the ball to spin, and you probably want to place some bets, which takes time, craps can be painfully slow if you only made one line bet, and poker games can take a bit longer than that a hand of blackjack to finish.

So, I can just click a couple of buttons and find myself playing a lot of blackjack hands at once, and they will keep coming fast and furious until I decide to fold. Also, you can play during the development of the hand, which you cannot do while the wheel is spinning. There are games where I can double down on any number if I see a match, and splitting the cards can give me an extra hand to play. Blackjack can really be the game of choice for an action junkie.

Is there any other reason why Blackjack is fun to play? Oh, of course, I do. You see, blackjack gives the house such a small edge that if you theoretically play with the right strategy, you can win the game. So, it’s good to know that the house is not taking advantage of you and that you have a chance to win in the long run. Of course, this is better online than offline.

It’s painful if you’re playing offline and half the table is just drawing cards to 17+ without worrying about what the dealer has. Yes, they have every right to do whatever they want, but I usually hold my head in my hands as they fold a 16 with the dealer holding 6. But at least when I play online, the only person I can be mad at is myself, as I try to maintain a perfect strategy. I don’t get upset very often. In fact, it starts to become therapeutic when I start winning, and I’ve made the right decision.

Also, some games give the player a small advantage. Face Up 21 is a lot of fun as you get to see both the dealer’s cards instead of just one. So this really helps optimize the game because you know where you stand. I honestly can’t recommend playing Face Up 21 highly enough as you tend to win more, and winning at blackjack games makes the experience 100x more fun.

So, there you have it – blackjack is a fast-action casino game with a very small house edge, and if you know the right strategies, make the right plays, and if you’re playing live, you know the basics of counting of cards, then you have a small advantage over the house instead of them having it over you. Here are some of the main reasons why it’s fun.

I mean, we all play at the casino to win money, right? Well, blackjack is one of the easiest games to play. Also, with all the different types of blackjack, you can play (try Blackjack Switch if you haven’t already on [Temporarily Removed], I’m currently obsessed with it), there will always be at least a couple of blackjack variants that you find fun.

What is European roulette?

European roulette is a standard roulette game that has pretty much the same rules as any other roulette game. You have a roulette wheel with numbered and colored pockets. You have a cue ball, and players are placing bets on where this ball will eventually land once the roulette wheel is spun.

The game was invented in 1843 when two brothers named Francois and Loius Blanca introduced single zero roulette in the German town of Bad Homburg. They did it to compete with French casinos and their own version of roulette. Eventually, the government banned gambling, and the brothers moved their operation to Monte Carlo. A curious fact about this is that at the time, there were rumors that Francois Blanc had acquired the secrets of roulette by making a deal with the devil as the numbers on it built 666.

The main difference between the two games is that American roulette has 38 pockets and European roulette only has 37, as the American version has the extra “00” pocket. Apart from this, they both have 18 red squares and 18 black squares. However, the two games have a different sequence of numbers. American roulette wheels go in a particular order where the next number is located as opposed to the first. For example, “1” is located opposite “2”. European roulette is more random in that nothing directly intersects with anything simply because there is an uneven number of pockets. Roulette is designed so that odd and even, black and red, are evenly distributed.

The variation in the number of pockets changes the house odds a bit. In American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%, thanks to the addition of the extra “00” slot. This changes the odds as in European roulette; the house edge is only 2.7%.

One of the main differences from European roulette is the “en prison” rule. This rule allows players to get another spin when they place an even bet and the ball lands on 0. This basically represents a free spin which reduces the house edge to 1.35% on these spins where you get the second spin. This is a great advantage of playing European roulette.

What Are The Craps Rules

Without a doubt, Craps is one of the most difficult casino games to play — perhaps the most difficult. However, Craps is also one of the most fun casino games, and you are missing out if you don’t try to learn the basic rules of playing Craps. Have you ever been to a casino and heard a rowdy crowd yelling and cheering? Follow that sound, and you will find many people gathered around a Craps table.

Craps is a fast and busy game, and you will usually find up to four casino employees working at a Craps table at the same time. You will usually see the person at the box (boxman) in charge of counting all the bets and redeeming what will be delivered to the dealers. The cashier people will also arrange the casino chips on-site and supervise the game.

Two dealers will work at the table, each taking half of the table. Dealers are responsible for taking all losing bets, paying winning bets, as well as assisting players in placing bets. The last role is the representative of the casino (stickman), who is attentive to the development of the game, delivers the dice to the designated person, calls the dice once they have been thrown, and tells the dealers the payments they must make based on the bets made.

Each player at a Craps table gets a turn to roll the dice. The person in turn to shoot the data is known as the “shooter.” The stickman will give the shooter five dice from which he must choose two to use. The shooter will take the dice and throw them to the opposite end of the table. Craps bets are based on the outcome of this roll.

The shooter will eventually roll the dice multiple times. Your first shot is called your “come shot.” If, after rolling the dice, a 7 or 11 comes up, this is called a natural, and the shooter wins. If the die shows 2, 3, or 12, then the shooter loses, and the next person, in turn, will be the next shooter. If the data shows anything else, this becomes the shooter’s point and is marked on the table by the dealer. The shooter keeps rolling the dice until he either rolls his point again and wins or rolls a 7 and loses.

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